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Focusing on solving problems for the general aviation operators, proposing turn-key solutions for the operators,promoting the operation efficiency and flight safety management.Shanghai Top Wings Airport Development Company is owned by Shanghai Top Wings Aviation Technology.

Top Wings Avation Technology main businesses are:

1.Consulting: general avaiton industry park planning/feasibility,general aircraft selection design, airline and general avaiton company setting up feasibility report, company LOGO design, aircraft importing declaration agent service, aircraft sourcing contract design, pilots modifying, maintenance training, service contract and price design, airport runway insurance design, communication,meteorology and navigation safety contract,CCAR-91/135 operation manual design,CCAR-91/135 quality manual design, CCAR-91/135 runway working manual design, CCAR-91/135 aviation safety management manual design, navigation data and airport data consulting, CCAR-91/135 safety manual design, CCAR-91/135 operating specification, CCAR-91/135 maintenance manual, CCAR-91/135 pilot training manual, CCAR-91/135 maintenance training manual, CCAR-91/135 aircraft hosting manual, CCAR-91/135 aricraft checking manual, spraying operation manual, FBO design, aircraft assets assessment, setting new CCAR-91/135 general aviation company, 141 training school, 145 maintenance school, 147 training school and design general aviation airports etc.

2. Training: Helicopter and fixed wing pilot training, training in China or overses depending on the English skills, General Aviation Company GM, operation Vice GM and maintenance people training.

3. Trading: Aircraft and parts importing and exporting, reselling.

Shanghai Top Wings Airport Development Co.,Ltd

Focusing on GA airport investment,development,management and operation,the company is developing the market with developed international management system,business including GA airport development and managemnet,GA related project investment and aviation culture promotion etc.Our company integrates the industry resources with PPP model,providing GA airport whole chain industry services including airport location selection,planning,reporting,licencing,operation and FBO service etc.


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