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Lightspeed TangoLightspeed TangoLightspeed TangoLightspeed TangoLightspeed Tango

Lightspeed Tango

Lightspeed Link™ technology

At the heart of Tango is Lightspeed Link. Developed by Lightspeed engineers to ensure the reliable communication pilots demand, Lightspeed Link is not Bluetooth or WiFi, but incorporates existing technologies chosen for both signal reliability and audio quality for the aviation environment. The Lightspeed Link connection is so robust, as many as six Tango headsets can be operated in the same aircraft, letting everyone onboard experience the true freedom of wireless flight.

Panel Interface

The panel interface is the vital hub of the Lightspeed Link system, routing communication between the headset, the intercom, and auxiliary devices. Wrapped in an attractive and durable case, it houses the lower cable, which is adjustable to 31 inches.

Weighing just 7 ounces and with multiple mounting points, no upper cables, and critical controls located on the headset, the panel interface can be mounted conveniently and securely in any aircraft.

21st century power

In yet another Lightspeed first, Tango is the first aviation headset powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a power source trusted in countless critical applications.

Lightspeed’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries deliver twelve hours of continuous operation while offering earth and wallet friendly reusability in a compact size.

The Tango dual-port wall charger can quickly charge both the headset and panel interface batteries at the same time, providing 75% charge in less than an hour and a full charge in two hours. The batteries can also be charged while the headset is in use or easily replaced on the go.

The battery for the headset and panel interface are interchangeable and spare batteries can be purchased separately.


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